Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Things're Getting Pretty Dark Around Here

Besotted is well on it's way to completion. We are still shooting for a release by the end of July; that give us one more week. However: if we're close enough to done with an insatiable desire to polish just a little further... I might extend it by a few days. We will see.

How's the game looking? I am so glad you asked. You can check it out right here! CLICK ME FOR SUPER SECRETS!!

This build is not too much different from the last one with a few exceptions:

  • More visual flair in place to enhance the feeling of the game
    • Opening Cards Sequence
    • Scanlines
  • Character model in place and animating an idle.
What exists already but isn't in this build? My, aren't you inquisitive!
  • Sam has a more sophisticated move script that rotates the character in the direction it moves (Quaternions and some other such hoodoo).
  • There are working enemy spawners
  • There is music written by Tyler Woods
  • There are enemy sprites
  • There are environment models
So if we have all of this stuff... Why isn't it already in the build?
Simply put: Working with a team in Unity is a new experience for me, and it just wasn't something I was thinking about. The next build (Ver. 1.0 probably) is going to be quite an experience, I assure you.

At this point I want to talk about a revelation I had the other day when I made this build. I had wanted this game to be both eerily macabre and at the same time humorously ridiculous. As of this build: I feel like I have creepy down pretty well, but not as much of the humor to balance it out. In response to this: the demons took an unexpected turn... I made them cute. these are they:

Just imagine these bad boys circling and spinning ever towards our character. Good times!

I kept them very simple and iconic. They have a very basic coloring scheme that draws attention to the corresponding button press that is required to defeat them. I am hoping that this will provide enough of a counter-balance to keep the game more fun than unnerving. We shall see!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Besot With Wonderment

What has happened since I last updated? Well, Sam Raymer has graciously offered his services on Besotted. This has allowed me free time to work on the character and product a character model that will serve this projects purpose. This is what the main character looks like.

There were a few problems with the orthographic, but nothing that was a show stopper when I was modelling.

It's also been a long time since I've modelled anything. I think it's time to be doing more of that. I've already tested him and he's good to go in Unity. I'm just building a basic rig in Maya now. I hope to have a first pass on all animations by next week.

Meanwhile, Adam Chandler has committed to producing the environment props for the game. Considering he is a phenomenal environment modeler: this should be a gross overuse of power.

Since this game is something of a rhythm game: I wonder what I am going to do for the music?

Monday, July 07, 2014

July Game Jam - Besotted

So, for the month of July I am taking a quick break from FIST CHAMPION development in order to whip up a game called Besotted.
What is Besotted?

Besotted Adj. - To be strongly infatuated, as if drunk or possessed.

Besotted is a game about dancing away the demons that plague our character both mentally and physically.

"You can see them too, can't you? These creatures... Little monsters born from Hell Fire: here on earth to do terrible things. It will be okay though! I know the special dance moves that will help keep the baddies at bay! I am broadcasting to you live from my secret base at the community center 24 hours a day to teach you the dances moves that the devil doesn't want you to know!!"

Fight away the demons, or go insane trying...

Right now the game isn't too much to look at, but I'm pretty happy with the amount of progress I've already made. Here's a link to play what I've made so far:

In this quirky little game: you play as a crazy person who has a public access show. He can see demons, and you've got to help him do a series of dances to ward off the vile beasts.

Right now I just have a room with some primitives that you can bounce around. I've also implemented the basic dance inputs: "z,x,c,v" activate them.

Since there will eventually be demons that torment the main character: I've been drawing a lot of funky monsters. It feels so good.

That's all I have for this week, but I hope I've peaked your interest. Let's see what I can accomplish in a month.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Post Launch,and What Now?

So, I released FIST CHAMPION on Monday @ What's next? Well...
The animations are all broken. There aren't enough identifiers to tell the player what is happening when button are pressed. The CPU player is always the same character no matter what. There is no win/lose screen. And Everything is very very rough looking. These are just the first major chunks of what I can fix.

I've already gone in and made it so the CPU character is randomized. Next up: fix the animations. I need that to be rock solid. I also need to add SFX for the characters. I think that alone should be good enough for the next release. Let's see what else I can add along the way.

No art today,but I would very much like for you to play my game if you haven't yet already. I'll see you next week!