Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Besot With Wonderment

What has happened since I last updated? Well, Sam Raymer has graciously offered his services on Besotted. This has allowed me free time to work on the character and product a character model that will serve this projects purpose. This is what the main character looks like.

There were a few problems with the orthographic, but nothing that was a show stopper when I was modelling.

It's also been a long time since I've modelled anything. I think it's time to be doing more of that. I've already tested him and he's good to go in Unity. I'm just building a basic rig in Maya now. I hope to have a first pass on all animations by next week.

Meanwhile, Adam Chandler has committed to producing the environment props for the game. Considering he is a phenomenal environment modeler: this should be a gross overuse of power.

Since this game is something of a rhythm game: I wonder what I am going to do for the music?

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