Friday, April 03, 2015

While We Wait.

BUS_WAIT is fast approaching, and it should be completed sometime this month. I don't know if I'll meet the deadline for Punk Jam with a finished experience, but I would still like to submit what I have... 9 days left! While I remain Knee Deep in the Dev, I wanted to draw attention to some amazing projects from people that are inspiring to me.

Aeon Valley by Michael James ( : "Aeon Valley is a science fiction comic about a group of friends who explore the strange urban legends and mysteries that surround the very town they live in."

Michael has been working hard on this webcomic for a couple of years now, and he's really taking the time to tell an adventure story worth following. There are robots and time (dimension?) shifts and calamities and ancient evils afoot. Currently one of the main characters is sneaking in to the sewers under his town to go exploring and I honestly have no idea what's going to happen next. Michael updates twice a week: you should really give Aeon Valley a read and get hooked.

Nwain by Terrana Cliff ( : "The story follows Nwain, a knight who wanders dreamland in search of home.  She fights monsters, joins tournaments, solves disputes, and helps others face their nightmares, until she must face her own."

Nwain is an amazingly ambitious undertaking: a fantasy story with a deep lore put in to an animated webcomic format. Terry updates with two new pages at the end of every month and I am regularly blown away by the craftsmanship and ideas she presents on every single page. Her characters, locales and writing come to life on the screen and inspire might just leave you frothing at the mouth for the next update.

Red and the Wolfe by Nicholas Rubatino (Link to ComiXology Page)  : "Red and the Wolfe is the story of a young girl confronting the world on her way to adulthood. It is also the story of the world confronting a Wolfe on his way to canonization. Their lives mix, ideologies are tested, crucibles are passed, blood is lost, and mushrooms are ate. All while the menace of impending life looms over the proceedings."

Red and the Wolfe is a re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood with more than a slight macabre twist. This story takes place in a dark reality where most everything is dangerous. Wolfe has tasked himself with the protection of Red on her way to grandma's house because he believes that she was sent to him by God. Red mostly does not care, but thinks that the Wolfe's religious views are a hinderance at best. Meanwhile colorful commentary is provided by Robin and Vulture: two birds following the journey from a safe distance. The story is dark comedy, but it might also leave you with a few thoughts on what it means to live in a world with beliefs that are not universally accepted.

All three of these projects are graphic in nature: two webcomics and a digital graphic novel. There is another thing I wanted to draw attention to, and it's a band. The band my brother is in: Success ( They are awesome. Success is currently in the middle of a tour tour, and is playing shows in California over the next couple of days. They just released a new album called Radio Recovery and it's the best work they've ever done. Right now you can listen to the album on Spotify or purchase it from most major online music distributors. If none of those suit your fancy though, check out this single from their album posted to YouTube:

Other than being incredibly awesome stuff that I would like my own work to be associated with, what does this have to do with BUS_WAIT? Well... I plan on putting nods to all four of these in BUS_WAIT. You'll see.