Monday, September 08, 2014

These Minutes Are Hot!

It's been a little moment since the last time that I updated my blog, so I just want to take a moment to catch everyone up to speed.

Firstly: Besotted got really very close to completion, but didn't quite make it. I will upload what we had gotten done sometime in the near future. I haven't gotten back to work on FIST CHAMPION for a little while, but when I do: I have some ideas that will hopefully be for the better. Right now I am working on a secret project that was a moment of inspiration worth exploring: all I will say about this one is that it's an animation and it's a music video. No other details until a later date.

I have really wanted to do a music video for a while. Ever since I was a little kid I would listen to music and think about what kind of video would go great with it. It would usually involve a giant robot destroying a city, but that goes with anything amirite?

PAX just happened, and I think that it's a pretty cool thing when I walk around the Expo Hall and see so many faces that I struggled along with at DigiPen. This year I did my usual Enforcer thing (It's been 8 years now, holy crap), but on the side I also handed out a pile of cards for my buddy Nicholas Rubatino. In case you didn't know already: The prologue for his graphic novel is up and ready for your purchase on Comixology.

I would also like to give a shout out to some good friends of mine who have a game project on Kickstarter. It's called Spirit Siege, and it really needs your help to succeed. If you like tactical gameplay, and want something unique: please consider backing them.

On Saturday of Labor Day weekend, I got in to a car accident at the on-ramp to I-90. The road was slick and I spun head-first into a concrete divider. I've been waiting since then to find out if my car would get repaired or if it would get declared totalled. Well...  As I was writing this post my mom called me. We're going to go pick up the items I left in my car. It's totalled.