Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Things're Getting Pretty Dark Around Here

Besotted is well on it's way to completion. We are still shooting for a release by the end of July; that give us one more week. However: if we're close enough to done with an insatiable desire to polish just a little further... I might extend it by a few days. We will see.

How's the game looking? I am so glad you asked. You can check it out right here! CLICK ME FOR SUPER SECRETS!!

This build is not too much different from the last one with a few exceptions:

  • More visual flair in place to enhance the feeling of the game
    • Opening Cards Sequence
    • Scanlines
  • Character model in place and animating an idle.
What exists already but isn't in this build? My, aren't you inquisitive!
  • Sam has a more sophisticated move script that rotates the character in the direction it moves (Quaternions and some other such hoodoo).
  • There are working enemy spawners
  • There is music written by Tyler Woods
  • There are enemy sprites
  • There are environment models
So if we have all of this stuff... Why isn't it already in the build?
Simply put: Working with a team in Unity is a new experience for me, and it just wasn't something I was thinking about. The next build (Ver. 1.0 probably) is going to be quite an experience, I assure you.

At this point I want to talk about a revelation I had the other day when I made this build. I had wanted this game to be both eerily macabre and at the same time humorously ridiculous. As of this build: I feel like I have creepy down pretty well, but not as much of the humor to balance it out. In response to this: the demons took an unexpected turn... I made them cute. these are they:

Just imagine these bad boys circling and spinning ever towards our character. Good times!

I kept them very simple and iconic. They have a very basic coloring scheme that draws attention to the corresponding button press that is required to defeat them. I am hoping that this will provide enough of a counter-balance to keep the game more fun than unnerving. We shall see!

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