Monday, January 05, 2015

Happy New Year, I'm Sick, Godot.

First and foremost: Happy New year to everyone. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed any and all time that you had to celebrate holidays with friends and loved ones. I know I did. Besotted still stands at near complete and I will finish it very soon, and then move on to more projects.

Did you have a New Years resolution? Mine was to stop worrying about making finished looking games and start just making small mechanics projects that I can finish quickly to make better projects later.

I am sick right now with a bit of a sniffle. AKA: my nose is both a clogged mess and a leaky faucet. It's pretty gross. I hope that I get over this before I go back to work on Wednesday, because I hate calling out. Food service is kind of weird about making consumables while sick... I guess.

Godot. What is Godot? Godot is a multi-platform game engine that I discovered the other day that is similar in style to the Unity development environment, but is different in a few key areas that you may find interesting.

1. It is available for Linux as well as Windows and OS X.
2. The development environment is based around the idea of using instanced nodes instead of prefabs.
3. Godot is completely free.

Now, Godot is not nearly as feature rich as a more mature product like Unity, but it is really worth checking out. I have been doing some tutorials, and the node-based development is a pretty awesome concept. Since each node counts as it's own self-contained scene: Godot appears much more friendly than Unity for working with a team. I can work on a character as a scene and someone else could work on the game mechanics. The tutorials make it seem like even in complex projects, stitching all components together would be a simple process. I am seriously considering making something in this environment. Check it out at!

So yeah, what were your New Years Resolutions? And if you're interested in game engines: check out Godot and tell me what you think.

See you next week.

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Rhiannon Leone said...

I am resolving to do three things this year:

-Schedule more family time
-create a post DigiPen gym habit
-Write more! (2 books in progress... lots to do)

I'm sick too right now, feel better!