Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Besotted Is UP and OUT

I did it. We did it. My friends and I worked together to make a game. Besotted is done, and now it's time to work on other things. You can play it and download it here: http://freebeardgames.itch.io/besotted

Thank you to everyone who has been following along with me while this game and FIST CHAMPION were being worked on. I am not ready to back to FC quite yet, but I have already started working on some smaller ideas and at least one other project with a few friends. I look forward to talking about my projects more in the very near future.

Please play Besotted. I know that it isn't a perfect game, but it's the first FreeBeard game. If it made you laugh a couple of times then I am happy. If you really liked it, please think about the donate button on the page site. Making a game, even a simple one takes a lot of time. I look forward to sharing more projects soon.

Stay Tuned.

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