Monday, June 02, 2014

Scannerless In Seattle, Oh Well: Spring Cleaning Then

I was hoping to have my scanner today so that I could scan all of the sketches that I did a week ago and get to work coloring, slicing, and importing them into FIST CHAMPION. Alas, UPS got the package as far as Redmond today, and then handed the package off to the fine people who make up our United States Postal Service. I should be recieving my parcel on the 'morrow. Until then, I have taken the liberty to do some clean-up work in my Design Document; especially in the area of defining SFX and Music needed for Beta release. This sort of information gets stored in what is called a Functionality Outline. I happen to really enjoy making lists (I think I told you that at least once before). This list is in an outline format and I have items color coded to differentiate between SFX and Music.
Example of a chunk of said Functionality Outline
You might notice that some of these items are crossed out. Those are the things I have completed. There are a lot less items completed than uncompleted. Maybe It's time I started doing some voice work... Unless there's anyone else amongst my friends who really wants to do some grunting or announcing (preferably someone with a good microphone and an insulated space to record, but hey whatever). Let's just say that I am open to inquiries.

Do you really want me to have to do the female grunting voices? I will. Maybe I will anyway, and use those as an alternate audio track or something...

Until Next Time.

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