Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Art Update - Talking Heads

While drawing for FIST CHAMPION I've been painfully aware that my character expression chops are pretty very weak. Along with that, drawing characters in the round has alway been a weakness of mine. So I've begun working on that.
These are heads that I drew while exploring the character Mr. President, CEO of Big Yen. I've noticed when I draw a face fairly straight on, there is a level of confidence in the sketchwork that is less present in the others. The only solution I know for this is more sketching. Also, it may be time to crack open Loomis again. Also, I should really start attending figure drawing sessions at DigiPen again.

These are all things that could improve my figure sketches.

The scanner has not arrived at my place yet, but I used free shipping, and Amazon estimates it won't arrive until the 2nd of June. (So what're ya gonna do, amirite?) In the meantime, I've been working on some scripting in the game. Next up is adding some polish to the rounds system. I need there to be more visual feedback so the player understands what is going on. So, lots of numbers floating around the screen to let people know when the round is starting or when points are being added and taken away. Also, I should really look at making some sound effects during rounds for the characters.

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