Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rubrics Cube... Err... Square, Really.

While working on this project, I frequently find myself just working on random parts with absolutely no focus or concept of what an end goal looks like. Luckily I have been reminded by a good friend that I have a set of tools at my disposal to help me stay organised and focused on the goal... And also to define what that goal is.

So I created a rubric!

This is something that I've had to do a few times in my life, but the version that I like the most was introduced to me in Rachel Rutherford's GAT 399 class at DigiPen. It is more free flowing than a timeline based rubric, and allows me to keep track of when I'm spending too much time in one area.

Click For Larger Version

If you've never seen this style of rubric before; let me tell you a little something about it. The columns are labeled F through A, and then T. F is nothing, where all projects begin. A is what I hope to achieve when I call this a released game. T is the dream: this is what I would want to happen if the stars aligned and everything just worked out perfectly. The colored bars are where I think I am right now. I keep them at red when I'm not very far along, yellow when I'm doing okay, and green when a section is nearing completion. There is currently nothing green. Let's work on that, shall we?

Next week! Next week, let's look at some artwork. I want to finally be at a point where I can show off some environment art and some character work. I'll see you then.

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