Monday, March 10, 2014


Sorry for the week of silence. I had written a whole post, but it was really just me padding out the minimal amount of work I had done while handling life events. I just went through a move at my house, and that meant clearing the whole place out and then unpacking it again. We're still not done unpacking.

Anyway, I had wanted to show off some art for this update, but that will have to wait until a slightly later post. I have yet to locate my stylus from where I packed it, and I didn't want to just show off more pencil sketches. I have, however been using this time for various other things that are not drawing related! My game now has a partially functioning menu system, and two generic dudes that shimmy sham when buttons are pressed! Good times.

Right Now the gameplay area is a sloppy mess...

But it does serve it's purpose for what I need. I also thought maybe people would like to just has a glimpse at what I have been staring at.

My buddy Tyler Woods is a pretty cool guy, and he makes some awesome music. You should check out his Bandcamp Page if you don't believe me. My personal favorite album is Beep Boops. I listen to his stuff a lot while I'm working on FIST CHAMPION. It got me thinking, actually. About how his music pumps me up, and that my game is all about that kind of thumping and pumping adrenaline vibe... So I asked Tyler to make some music for my game. AND HE DID.

If everything keeps moving, and the project stays on schedule, you might be able to hear some of it very soon. While playing a very early version of my game. I'm shooting to have something playable by the end of this month. Wish me luck!

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