Monday, January 06, 2014

Project update January Week One - A Serious Post for the new year

Welcome back! We now have the first week of January under our belt, and I've spent the week seriously working on scheduling and planning. As much fun as I was having working on my project, I was lacking some serious organization to keep this project on track to ever be completed.

On the very first day of January, I wrote up a weekly schedule for when my actual blocks of work time every week would be. This means that every week it can be expected that I will work on my project for about 20 hours. I would like to do more, but I need to balance out the other commitments I've made to my job (where my money comes from), to my band (Rocket Summer, we have our first real show coming up on the 28th!), and actual free time for myself so that I don't go insane.

This morning I have been working on my Task tracker on Trello. The list itself is still small, but there will be more added to it most definitely, and the tasks already on there are some pretty major items that I cannot put off.

Everything that you see in the "Doing" column is something that I have already started working on and will continue with this week. By next Monday I would like to have my character sprite up to show off on here and I would also like to have functioning triggered doors.

As of this morning I started seriously looking in to Kickstarter as a way to push this project forward. I have helped to fund several projects through Kickstarter, and feel like crowd sourcing is an excellent avenue to get a project like this accelerated. Look out for more info on that in the coming months.

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