Monday, January 13, 2014

January Week Two - Giving This Game Some Character

This week was spent on developing the character. Rather than a smaller, almost chibi-like character that I had worked on in the past, it was important that I branched out a little and explored something that spoke to more of the mood that I want to create with my game. Thumbnailing and sketching ensued!

Thumbs at pixel scale (64x128)
It wasn't too long until I went in the direction of a taller and more slender character.
It was important to me that beyond games like Zelda, the character also drew inspiration from the old Sierra adventure games that I loved as a child. This is just the boy version of the main character. I hope to spend some time in the near future working on the female iteration of the character. For now though, it is just nice to not be staring at a white block anymore.

Along with art I also spent time learning about sprite animation in Unity. It's been really more intuitive than I  would have originally anticipated. I look forward to showing off what the game looks like in engine with the character.

This next week I'm back on scripting. Also, I want to finish up some modeling in my spare time. It's time for this game to start coming together.

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