Monday, January 27, 2014

Some Very Big News

Let me start off this blog post by apologizing for not posting last week. In the future I will be better about keeping up posts every week.

So I managed to do a lot of scripting for my game. Triggered doors now function. Pushable blocks can now function as a weight for triggered doors. Treasure chests work to hold items. I have the skeleton of an inventory in place. And my character can place bombs. To top that off, I learned a great deal more about how the input manager functions in Unity.

That being said... I am going to put this project on hiatus. As much as I love this project; the whole thing is just way too over scoped for where I am currently at as a game developer. However, considering how long it's been in the back of my mind stewing already, I will probably return to it some day.

Have no fear though, dear reader, because what's that I see over the horizon? Could it be some sort of new project? Something that I can keep passionate about while also remain inside of a doable scope? Well, yes. That is exactly what it is!

As I already stated: my old project was far too large of a project for me to work on by myself with my current level of experience. I needed to switch to something that was much smaller, but was also something that I could get passionate about. Something that would keep me excited for my work, but would also not be as mechanics heavy as a Zelda inspired puzzle adventure game.

It was like lightning. While on a walk with two of my good friends, we found ourselves talking about making a ridiculous arm wrestling video game. I found a video that properly explains the core of the idea:

Needless to say, it wasn't very long until FIST CHAMPION was born! FIST CHAMPION: Champions of the Fist at its heart is a game about multiplayer competition. Two champions duking it out in an all out grudge match in fantastical and often ludicrous scenarios to prove once an for all that they are the greatest arm wrestler in the universe.

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