Sunday, December 01, 2013

November Game Project Progress Update - Week 04 (My What Big Goals You Have...)

November is at an end, and here we are. What have I go to say for myself? Well, my project is still a ways off from showing off to the public, but that is more than okay. Considering that I have never really done this scale of project on my own before and the window of time I was doing it in: I would say that I should be pretty proud of what I've accomplished.

What I accomplished:
 - Prop modelling has begun!
 - Squashed some bugs with the way my block push works
 - spent some more time with the world of my game

What I started:
 - I am beginning to flesh out the environment for my vertical slice
 - Fleshing out of one specific mentor type character
 - Sketchwork for environment dressings
 - More work on Diffuse Maps
 - Begun painting Normal Maps

What I still need to work on:
 - Normal Maps need some more time
 - Need to work on Specular Maps
 - More prop modelling
 - Finish layout of dungeon rooms

This is the first of December! Wow. I finally got to start working on props for my game. This week is all about modelling and illustrations. I want to finish designing what all of the rooms in this demo are going to look like, then get to designing and modelling all of the elements. That should take me more than just this one week, but anyone who is following this should begin to see it paying off as soon as next week.
Did I say demo? Yeah, this game has become more than just a November NaNoWriMo-type project. Development momentum is steadily increasing for me. I have a great support team, and a schedule that I am sticking to. I don't always meet my deadlines, but I'm still sticking to this.
This week I'm going to post a picture of where my first screen is at currently.
This is the very first room of the dungeon. It is very far from finished, but maybe you can see what kind of vibe I'm going for with this. See you next week.

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