Sunday, November 17, 2013

November Game Project Progress Update - Week 02 (Electric Boogaloo)

Week 02! What a week this has been for my project! I may not have gotten all of the things that I had wanted to work on done, but the things which I have done and/or started are definitely a boost in the right direction.

What I accomplished:
 - Implemented a basic camera system
 - Character Exploration
 - Began painting and placing textures in the environment
 - First pass on dungeon musical theme

What I started:
 - Started working on character push
 - thumbnailing for the title screen
 - placement of basic lighting

What I still need to work on:
 - I had wanted to create a tentative character sprite
 - I need to finish scripting the character push
 - Implement a basic title screen for my game
 - I need to model some environment assets
 - Drawings drawings drawings...

Alright, This week I am proud to say that I built a basic camera rig for my game. It doesn't yet transition the way I would like it to from screen to screen, but it is functional for the purposes of usability. I wanted to rework the character sprite that I had started on many months ago. It was essentially just a caricature of myself. At first I was holding myself strictly to some proportions that Nintendo had used for Zelda, but now I am exploring in a completely new direction. There's no reason that my character needs to be rounded and cute. In fact: I feel as though the game itself might be better served by a taller and thinner character.

The texturing process for my game is going pretty smooth. I made the strategic decision to use 64x64 textures in a single 1024x1024 texture file. This has left me with a pile of space to work with. In a previous iteration of my project, I had used 32x32 textures which were fun to work on, but left me wanting for environmental fidelity. I now have double the resolution to work with and I can make textures that have a bit more grit, visual noise, and finer detail.

This week has been very busy, and even so I have found time to work on my project.  Week 03 will have much more free time for me. I hope that I can keep up this momentum, and push beyond my expectations.


Ogden Watanabe said...

Whoop, thanks for the dupdate -- its cool to see the 'puzzle peices' of videogaming man for a neub.

I for one am excited for immersive virtual reality but i'll leave that up to science.

SNESLink said...

Hey man! I'm glad that you've been enjoying my posts. It's really been nice working on the thing that I've always wanted to do.