Friday, November 08, 2013

November Game Project Progress Update - Week 01

Yes, what a productive first week for my game this has been! Let's get right into it then...

 - Created an outline of my monthly goals
 - Set up weekly meetings with my friend and former producer Joni Johnston
 - Began exploring the art direction for my game with sketches and tentative level layouts
 - Created a week to week outline for what I need to get done (Organization! Hurrah!)
 - Blocked in the level layout in Maya
 - Created a new Unity project with a working dummy character and imported the level
 - Character can move and is stopped by colliding with walls (hooray!)
 - Began contacting people to playtest my game

Now that the bullet points are over with, what exactly have I been working on? It should be no surprise to anyone that knows me that I have once again began working on my love letter to the Zelda franchise. I love Zelda games. I love everything about the history and aesthetic of the worlds that Nintendo has constructed for Zelda over the past 25 years, and it has always been one of my goals to create my own version of one of those games. This month is all about laying down the foundations for a bigger project. This month is ambitious, but it is actually just the first baby steps into what I hope will be a much bigger project over time. I will go more in depth with that sometime in the future, but for now let me leave you with some sketching I did yesterday:

I promise to post more soon. 
- Jonathan Gardner


Tytyvyllus said...

I'm loving that curled up animal like thing in the center design of that top room.

Good luck on your NaNo project! I'll definitely be following along.

Ogden Watanabe said...

You know I'm excited to see what the baddies are gonna move and look like. Excited to see you mount this challenge Jon.

PS: I have been investigating if there's any remaining copies of "crack baby dont come back" and "cool runningz". Please say you have dem!!!

Ogden Watanabe said...

HEY! Jon, do you have any copies of the abovementioned movieflicks?