Monday, June 16, 2014

What's Happening This Week?

My birthday! I will be 29 on Wednesday. But! That's not what I'm hear to talk about, and I bet that's not why you came to this blog. (Unless it is, in which case: thank you.) FIST CHAMPION inches ever closer to it's next release. There are still a few tasks that I would like to have completed before the game is ready to show to people again.

To Do's For This Release:
 - Finish redrawing and scan in remaining environments.
 - All environments must be colored. I can go over them again in the future, but I would really like to have all backgrounds at least a first pass of color.
 - Throw placeholder characters in game. They won't be colored (probably), but I would like them to be in place for future updating. And I plan on a lot of future updating.
 - Import the wicked sick music Tyler has made for FC so that your ears can know how awesome he is.
 - Add character sound effects to the game. A lot of shouting has been done in my bedroom, and it won't be for naught.
 - Visual representations of the countdowns before and after rounds. No more guessing!
 - Win/Lose screens for gloating before returning to character select.

To Do's After Release:
 - Contact media outlets. Try to get people to play my game.
 - Create pinning animations for matches.
 - Add character states during rounds (winning, losing)
 - Second pass of color for stages
 - Populate environments
 - Animate environments
 - Much much more of everything.

There's a lot to do, and I would like to have something to show very soon. My hope is that creating this list of ToDo's will help to bring some focus in to my work. Seems reasonable, right? Now I think I'll get back to it.

See You Soon.

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