Tuesday, April 08, 2014


This is it! I wanted to do more, but I didn't want to wait any longer. Here's the first playable of FIST CHAMPION!!!

Download for Windows
Download for Mac

I was originally going to utilize the Unity web player for this, but early on I used some GUI text that doesn't play nicely with positioning on the web player. I will fix that for later releases, definitely.

Speaking of fixes... Let's talk about this release a bit, shall we?

What Works:
 - Title screen is wicked awesome.
 - Character select allows you to choose between three players
 - Gameplay is functional
 - Everything that you see and doesn't break is working.

What's Limping:
 - The opening story sequence is all storyboarded out, but there's not a lot going on. Eventually, I want to animate it in the style of a 90's era arcade game.
 - The character roster is only three crudely drawn characters, needs more characters. And better art.
 - In-Game animations (Shimmy-shams) are rudimentary at best, and the characters themselves are not animating at all.
 - In-Game Elements (HUD, effects, magic) is non-existent or ugly

What's MIA:
 - Stage select screen is just a mockup
 - GUI Art In-Game
 - Animations
 - More Levels
 - More Characters
 - More... MORE

So, while I really wanted to get his puppy out and let people check it out: I know it's a busted fella with no completed features. That being said: feel free to comment here or contact me otherwise if you want to talk about my game and/or give me feedback. I am definitely all ears.

Thanks for coming along with me on this journey so far. Let's see where this goes. Until Next Week!

EDIT: Also, apparently 1P Strength Domination is kinda broken. Sorry. You can hit "esc" in any match to drop back into the title screen.


Alex Moore said...

How do I exit the options screen?

Jonathan Gardner said...

For some reason, the options screen sticks if you try to back out of it. Try pressing "S" twice.