Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Art Post: The First

Welcome to my first Art Update! I can not guarantee that these will always be about FIST CHAMPION, but I will promise to deliver drawings every Wednesday.

This week, however, is all FC related. I did some other sketches, but maybe I'll just share those some other time.

As I said before: it was time to start thinking about the UI. I have the parts in place, but it's pretty nasty looking. Raw number outputs and whatnot. What i finally liked was a combo of the counters from the bottom frame, and the timer from the top frame.

More detailed illustrations. Thinking about what I wanted to accomplish. This was also really good for me, because I don't usually get to play with colored pencils. I am actually pretty afraid of drawing in color. It turns out that I'm not actually the worst ever; so that was nice. Top left is the counter style I want to emulate, and top middle is the timer.

Here are some thumbs planning out what the carnival stage is going to look like. Most locations are going to be pretty unique looking, and this one is no exception. The round is going to take place on a Merry-Go-Round, with the background panning in a cycle the entire time the match is going on. I didn't illustrate any cheering onlookers, because I wanted to spend some time thinking about the setting itself. The crowds will come soon.

That's all I have for my first Art Post! I would really like to know what people think. Would you like to see more of these? I'm kind of feeling my way in the dark without feedback, so anything constructive is welcome.

Until Next Time...

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