Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December Week 02 - Wherefore Art Thou?

This week I spent most of my time working on art for my project. In the past I had done layout drawings and sketches of what I wanted the environments to look like. Well, now was the time to start modelling out what I had drawn. The real struggle was keeping myself from sticking to one thing for too long. I have the bulk of my environment blocked in now, and next up it more refined modelling and texturework.

Instead of my checklist this week, I think I'll just post some renders I did today of the individual rooms. Please note that the lighting is all placeholder and the environments are all still very heavily under construction.

This is the very first room in the Demo. The feeling I'm going for is that of an abandoned subway platform.

This is the main room that connects all of the others. Please note that the dragon is ripped from the internet and is that completely as a placeholder.

This room is going to be a kitchen/pantry type of room.

This is going to be a bedroom. There's going to be a lot more construction done in this room.

This is a room with three teleporter pads. I wonder what happens if you step into the green one?

This game takes place in a world just like ours. Except magic was very much once a real thing. The bulk of mankind has forgotten about magic, but there are still magic places hidden around the world. This is one such place. At one point this was some sort of temple used to worship a long forgotten god, but now it is the humble home of an eccentric hermit. I will tell you more about him in the near future.

Until next time...

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