Monday, December 10, 2012

SUCCESSful Experience

So my brother is in this band called SUCCESS. They are awesome and you should give their music a listen (there should be some songs available to hear FREE-OF-CHARGE on their Facebook web zone.) Anyway, I have been doing a few contract pieces for them, and that's been really cool. There is one thing that I really wanted to share though. I don't know if it is worthy of being on my portfolio site, but I love it.

Shark Pool! This is the design for a t-shirt that the band is doing. When my brother first asked me to do this shirt I didn't even know that it was going to be used for SUCCESS. He just asked me if I could do a design of a shark sitting in a pool, so I drew this up for him:

He loved it, and I iterated on it until we had the final design. I have to say that there is really something nice about going through that design proccess and making art that will actually be printed and used and I could walk around Seattle and maybe one day see someone wearing a design that I had made. It is a really great dream.
I look forward to sharing more of what sort of projects they've been throwing at me, but for now... Check out my Porfolio site at!

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