Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Art Post 2: I Really Need A Scanner.

Hey look! An art post! Only missed a whole week, but at least I'm getting better at this stuff.

First up! a picture related to FIST CHAMPION.

These are some thumbnails for upcoming stages. I did some more, but these were the ones that I wanted to share right now. You'll notice that one is called Olympic Stadium... If you consult the list I made a few weeks back it will become abundantly clear that I have no such stage listed. That must mean it belongs to one of the Unknowns... Secrets ABOUND.

Next up is just an example of a page from my sketchbook that I did while binge watching Star Trek: TNG. Bottom middle is a rather skeptical looking Wesley Crusher.

Last but definitely not least is a picture of my brother Dan as a Wookie. Why? Reasons... That's why. Also, why the hell not?

Work on FIST CHAMPION is picking up for me again after a mental health week I needed to take. Yesterday alone I implemented several features that I had been putting off out of fear of their enormity. There should be a new build in the not too distant future, so be on the look out for that. Also, I am drawing more again. It sounds so stupid easy, but it is amazing how difficult it can feel to just pick up a pencil and go to it. Let's hope I can keep this good vibration going.

Until Next Time.

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