Monday, February 03, 2014

Fist Champion - Not Your ProtoTypical Game

This past week, I took a page from the book of passion and rocked out a prototype for Fist Champion. It is really nothing fancy to look at, just some text elements and basic test sprites, but I made it, and I am very proud of that.
This is what the prototype looks like in Unity before I run the game. A pile of GUI text Elements and a few basic sprites. 
Immediately after starting the game, the Time sets to 10 seconds and the scores set to 0. (I'm still thinking about if I even want visible counters in the final game.)

4 seconds left and it's a tied game!

The timer strikes zero and the player with the higher score wins! I know that this is all very primitive to look at, but believe me: as an artist, figuring out how to do this was a real boost to my day.

On top of my prototype, I've also started illustrating my first character for the game. His name is The Pugilist. Although there is a whole list of potential characters already lined up to be in this game, The Pugilist will be first, because his design is the most straightforward... and I have an affinity toward curly mustaches.
He is an old timey sort of fighter. The kind of fella you'd expect to see lifting comically large weights at a carnival or practicing calisthenics at the beach whilst waiting for his best lady. He's an old fashioned sort with a disposition towards winning.

This week:
  • Wireframes for the menu systems
  • Thumbnailing first stage
  • Thumbnailing gameplay layout
  • More control related scripting
  • Playtesting!

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